Drawing shadows

Rendering “Blob” Shadows Resident Evil had simple circular shadows underneath every enemy and player. Replicating that in Half-Life sounded like a perfect job for the “TriAPI” as we’d just be needing a quad underneath all enemies using a simple sprite texture to represent the shadow. Unfortunately, this proved to be quite complicated, as the shadow […]

Drawing an ECG

A heartbeat with TriAPI I’d been looking forward to making the ECG heartbeat monitor for a while, and began proper work on it yesterday. While I didn’t have any initial ideas on how I wanted to implement it, I knew that I wanted to go down a dynamic route rather than making an animated sprite […]

Coding weapons as minimally as possible

Using scripts There’s really no good reason to be writing as much code as you need to to implement a networked weapon into GoldSource. A huge amount of the functions, for each weapon, are almost identical clones of each other, perhaps with some properties tweaked. For that reason, I wanted to create a weapon script […]

Implementing a new font

Using RE2’s font I wanted to implement the font from Resident Evil 2, complete with the ability to highlight text in green for “You got the X” type messages. I’d done something similar many years ago, but most likely was not very well made or versatile. I begun by first ripping the RE2 character set. […]

Simulating a PS1 look

Pixelation and choppy edges I quickly realised that I really dislike the look of OpenGL compared to Software mode. Because I’m working on a mod meant to emulate games from the Playstation 1 era, all the texture filtering and smoothing made the whole thing look ugly. Switching to software mode completely disables all filtering. You […]

Blood sprites

Making blood look Resident Evil-ish Yesterday I worked with blood sprites. These are the Resident Evil 2 sprites, which can be ripped as a texture atlas from the disc using Psicture. You have to cycle through the palettes to get the right one, otherwise it will look rather odd and broken when exported. I initially […]